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How To Create Your Dream Travel Bucket List

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

It is time to start dreaming and thinking about your future travel plans. What interests you? Is it history, laying on a beach, climbing a mountain, getting lost in the jungle, or maybe visiting the pyramids? What do you want to see? What do you want your kids to experience? What memories do you want to create with your spouse?

Write it down, manifest it into the world and remember your travel dreams. When you are ready let’s make them happen together!

Here is how you can create your dream travel bucket list:

1. Start with a sheet of paper. Write down all the staple places you have wanted to visit since you were a child such as visiting Disney World or going to see your favorite sporting team in person.

2. Think about predictable stuff, like “swim with dolphins”. There is nothing wrong with adding some standard ideas that is a must do in everyone’s life.

3. Go outside the box. Think about weird places you saw in a movie, or some small country that no one has ever heard of such as visiting Botswana to see the elephants in Chobe National Park.

4. Don’t forget about the experience. It might not always be about the place, it might be more about the experience. Maybe you want to visit London during Christmas to immerse yourself in all of the Christmas Markets.

After you have completed your dream travel bucket list, don’t forget about it! Pull it out and see what is on the list when you are planning your next vacation.

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