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Adventures are good for the soul!

Horseshoe Bend | By: Nick West

Taking a backpack and traveling light on a budget around Amsterdam, Ireland, Scotland, France and the United Kingdom takes a lot of planning. We wish we had someone to advise us of the best dinning opportunities, hostels to stay in and landmarks to see. From lost opportunities, (like watching the boats come into harbor in Ars-en-Ré, Charente-Maritime) and always trying to do it on our own, we knew something was missing.

This is just one of the many reasons we stepped in to the travel industry!


Safaris in Africa are usually trips of a lifetime. The amount of planning and stress that comes with taking this complex trip is overwhelming. Let us advise you on the best tours, times and excursions in the safari!



Traveling through Europe is an adventurous way to see the history, natural beauty and culture that this world has to offer! Our experience of backpacking through Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands and more provides us the knowledge we need to plan your trip. Grab your backpack and you'll be on your way!


There are many places to see in this world and many ways to experience it. If you have a specific adventure in mind or want to explore more destination opportunities, Adams West Travel is here to collaborate with you, so you never run out of adventures!

Eiffel Tower

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