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Hi! Thanks for checking out Adams West Travel and our little slice of the world! Cindy and Molly (a mom and daughter duo) started Adams West Travel to share their love of traveling the world and to help others by relieving the stress and time it takes to plan the trip. Our mission is to help people check places off their bucket list and build a partnership that will last a lifetime!


Cindy and Molly have a love of exploring new places, helping people and creating new relationships. We will take the stress out of planning trips so you can explore the world through your eyes, the way you desire.

Molly is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA). 

London, UK



I have always had a passion for experiencing new cultures and seeing the world. I studied abroad in London where I was able to travel through Europe and gain vital experiences that would help me (unknown at the time) become a travel advisor. I love hiking and exploring mountains just as much as relaxing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean!  



I have been on numerous trips across the United States, throughout the Caribbean and abroad through Europe. My knowledge of planning vacations for a family goes back years and has led me on the path of helping others enjoy trips by becoming a travel advisor. I love hanging out on the beach, exploring old castles and finding delicious restaurants and coffee shops across the world! 

What makes us Unique?


We empower our clients to experience the world the way they desire. 


We serve our clients by providing expertise to make their travel dreams a reality from the planning stages to arriving safely back home. 


We provide opportunities to broaden our clients experiences with new cultures, environments and destinations. 


We create successful relationships with our clients to assist in checking items off their bucket list year after year!

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